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Feature article: "Feasts of the Prophet: Ramadan and Vegetarianism in Islam", originally published in Toronto Vegetarian Association Lifelines newsletter, January/February 1996; vegetari.blogfa.com website (in Persian, can be translated in English via Google Translate tab).

Review quote for Chloe Hall "What the Media Say"; Pat Tynan Media website.

Review footnote on secondary materials for Hysterica review (2000); Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project website.

Review quote for Carol J. Adams' The Pornography of Meat (2003).

Review footnote (5) for Dr. Cori Stewart's cultural dissertation "We Call Upon the Author to Explain: Theorizing Writers' Festivals as Sites of Contemporary Public Culture," Published by Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia (2010) (PDF file, pg. 12).

Review quote for Robert von Dassanowsky's Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds: A Manipulation of Metacinema (2012).

Review quote for the Hong Kong Dance Company's Qingming Riverside 2012-13 North American Tour (2013) (PDF file, pg. 47).

Review bibliographic record for artist Judy Chicago: Bynoe, Julian "Chicago Talk Witty & Wise" & "Sexual Intelligence" (review), Outreach Connection, February 11-18, 2005, No.585, pg 6 (PDF file, pg. 63).

Theatre review of The Cherry Orchard, Theatrus website (2016).

Theatre review of A Moment of Silence, Nowadays Theatre Twitter feed link (2016).