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Feature article: “Feasts of the Prophet: Ramadan and Vegetarianism in Islam”, Lifelines newsletter, published January/February 1996, Toronto Vegetarian Association website.

Review quote for Chloe Hall “What the Media Say…”; Pat Tynan Media website.

Review footnote on secondary materials for Hysterica review (2000); Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project website.

Feature article: “Usagi Yojimbo’s Biggest Adventure Yet”, Realms Magazine, Vol. 1, Issue #23, published May 7, 1997; Usagi Yojimbo Dojo website (2002)

Review quote for Carol J. Adams’ The Pornography of Meat (2003).

Theatre review of Aga-Boom Southern Ontario Tour 2008-09, Show One Entertainment website Press section (2009) (PDF file).

Review footnote (5) for Dr. Cori Stewart’s cultural dissertation “We Call Upon the Author to Explain: Theorizing Writers’ Festivals as Sites of Contemporary Public Culture,” " Published by Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia (2010) (PDF file, pg. 12).

Review quote for Robert von Dassanowsky’s Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds: A Manipulation of Metacinema (2012).

Review quote for the Hong Kong Dance Company’s Qingming Riverside 2012-13 North American Tour (2013) (PDF file, pg. 25).

Review footnote on reviews for artist Meryl McMaster’s CV (2013) (PDF file, pg. 3).

Review bibliographic record for artist Judy Chicago: Bynoe, Julian “Chicago Talk Witty & Wise” & “Sexual Intelligence” (review), Outreach Connection, February 11-18, 2005, No.585, pg 6 (PDF file, pg. 43).

Theatre review of The Cherry Orchard, Theatrus website (2016).

Theatre review of A Moment of Silence, Nowadays Theatre Twitter feed link (2016).

Theatre review of Sleeping Beauty, Toronto4Kids.com link (December 2016).